WELCOME to the home page of Perma-Colour Australia, manufacturers and distributor/exporters of all materials relating to the decorative concrete industry.

The processes involved using these decorative concrete materials include Pattern Stamped Concrete and Stencil Pattern Concrete for new or "wet" concrete works; and Flocrete Decorative Spray-On Topping and Patina Stain for enhancing or renovating existing concrete surfaces.

All processes are suitable for interior/exterior residential/commercial, patios, driveways, roadways, pool surrounds, pathways - actually anywhere there is a need for decorative concrete with a more durable and low maintenance surface.

Perma-Colour are one of Australia’s leading manufacturers of decorative concrete products, having established this position over a 12 year period through contracting, manufacturing, sales, export and development, with a commitment to customer service and technical support for our products.

This web site has information on all Perma-Colour products and services. So please click on process on the menu, or select a page from our Quick Links on the left.

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